Who Stole the American Dream?

DVD - 2012
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Publisher: [United States] : Connecting the Dots Productions, c2012
Branch Call Number: 330.973 H
Characteristics: 1 videodisc (76 min.) : sd., col. ; 12 cm
Alternative Title: Who stole the American dream?


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Jun 16, 2018

This is a deeply insightful documentary that all in the US should see. Please make viewing this a priority for yourself.

Aug 16, 2016

OK - - now that you've seen this, take the next step, ask the next obvious question: If Hillary Clinton is supposed to be different from Donald Trump, why is it that they have essentially the same people on their respective campaign staffs?
The same types, who work for the same corporations, economists who belong to the same groups and organizations have share the same beliefs?
Back in 2008, McCain had Phil Gramm as his economic advisor, while Hillary had Robert Rubin - - both worked on the same exact legislation in the Clinton Administration [yes, I know Gramm is an r-con]; Obama's guy was simiarly part of that group.
And on all three of those 2008 campaign staffs were PR people employed by the public relations multinational based out of London [if I recall correctly, their name is WPP].

Gary Geiserman
May 03, 2015

Excellent doc that does more than rebut public relation lies. Shows some origins of ‘ruling class’ dictums, thus making some sense of the methods of duping going on since early ‘70s. >>> Actually, this is a spiritual phenomenon, this dominating system of exploit/be exploited. For the first time in Humanity this is changing right now! Since we create/allow our entire reality including time/space, one would want to change one’s beliefs. No, I am not trying to talk any one out of being ardent, not a ploy. Just be smarter and keep your dignity. And get something done for your efforts. >>> The mechanics of the situation can be described somewhat. Using the masculine principle to dominate/be dominated we can see tactics and strategy that work. Geopolitically it’s a perpetual ‘home game’ for the dominators—their rules, their presets, their defaults. Homeostasis (getting used to things and not seeing them any more) also works to sustain. The system wants everyone to rule and exploit. Every one is an enabler for the system unless they break free (this is mostly a result of pre-birth decisions which include choosing parents/time, place of birth; but mostly, spiritual memory, so to speak). Some have chosen to learn their way free, get ‘radicalized’, etc. >>> Pick your shots carefully and make sure your motives are to exhibit what you idealize. No martyr/victim/blamer/unhappy. Pick people to teach and do it correctly. Show WHY the rulers do what they do. War is primarily to hand out contracts to the private sector. War can also allow for certain special interests to rape resources instead of other special interests etc. The entire Republican agenda is devoid of ANY philosophy so never argue it. All the straight positions are twisted around the default masculine-domination we take ‘for granted’. Either really explain or don’t participate. Figure out how to use some form of spirituality your can relate to since it is all that is really happening now. This is a time of extreme change. Can you be spiritual in any of your activism? That is YOUR change to make. >>> If you have a commercial business make it a co-op and share the equity FAIRLY. Having the idea and ‘doing the work’ means you are actualizing your potentials and that shouldn’t be construed to be an entitlement for more equity than ‘workers’. One could argue that workers get more equity since they are sacrificing their time for other’s values and need more $ so they can develop their own values elsewhere. And so the discussion of the building of real sociality could go…….

Aug 07, 2013

What a mess ... (see summary). The now quiet Occupy Wall Street movement has been the only sustained voice crying out for action. Unfortunately, the Koch brothers (Heritage Foundation) and their Tea Party members have successfully countered.

Jun 07, 2013

Not bad look at how our system has been hijacked by untouchable seeming criminals, forming the corporatocracy that we are now suffering under. The only criticism I can make of this otherwise quality, informative, and lucid doc, would be in the "how we can take it back" section; if we were to discuss or make any move to restrict these psychocapitalist planet kiillers, they will simply change the system to avoid or void our attempts. To truly take these piggies down would require a determined leader, with a secret circle of completely trustworthy/money-impervious collaborators; if one could get that far, they would have to suddenly announce that they are withdrawing the corporate charters, eliminating multi-nationals and breaking them up into smaller companies. They also would have to rescind the "human" designation of the corporation(correcting a MAJOR mistake). Finally, they would need to make the U.S. Federal Reserve a public entity(correcting, again a MAJOR mistake). Otherwise, don't have kids, prepare for very warm weather, and living without food or water. Good Luck Everyone!

Feb 22, 2013

the powers that be want you to work your 40 hrs a week, buy everything in sight until you are maxed out, believe what they tell you on your cable tv, and reproduce to supply them with more drones to line their pockets with. free will? dream on sucker.

Dec 13, 2012

Important documentary, a must-see for anyone wishing to understand our present economic problems.
Without understanding this issue the US will have a very diminished future. Is that the future we want to leave for our children and grand-children?


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Aug 07, 2013

“In reality, rich folks don’t need governments,” observes Leo Gerard, United Steelworkers president. “They live in their own gated communities, they have own security, they swim in their own swimming pools, they go to their own private schools. Rich people take care of themselves.”

Aug 07, 2013

Despite all the contrary evidence of the last 30 years, free-market fundamentalists continue to believe that what is necessary is for even further deregulation to take place in order to free up market forces that will then trickle down to everybody. In psychological terms, they are engaging in massive denial, or are just plain lying to themselves, as well as to the rest of us.


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Aug 07, 2013

From Amazon's star reviewer: By zjk
Format:Amazon Instant Video
Heist really exposes the forces "behind the curtain". See this film if you want to understand how just about every single "crisis" we currently face are the explicit end goals of a decades long, expertly planned, strategic plan created in the 1970's designed to accomplish everything from Wall Street deregulation to the consolidation of corporate media to stagnant wages to the dismantling of unions to off-shoring American jobs to packing the courts with increasingly extremist judges (think Citizens United, corporate personhood, war on terror, etc.) to the rapidly expanding disparity between the super rich and the rest of us and to the all out assault on the social safety net (i.e. "privatize everything"!), among others. The film expertly explains what has been a 40 year shift from democracy to oligarchy (also the end goal of those the movie exposes), defined by the collusion of big business and government (and the toxic influence of money in politics)...and a corporate media that only serves to legitimize this shift, rather than expose and question it.

But, as with all great social commentary - the film ends with an empowering call to arms...including detailed actions each of us can take to walk our country back from the precipice and help play a part in creating a more democratic, sustainable, and environmentally and economically just society. Great stuff!


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