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Across the Universe

Across the Universe Series, Book 1

eBook - 2011
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Book 1 in the New York Times bestselling trilogy, perfect for fans of Battlestar Gallactica and Prometheus! WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO SURVIVE ABOARD A SPACESHIP FUELED BY LIES?Amy is a cryogenically frozen passenger aboard the spaceship Godspeed. She has left her boyfriend, friends—and planet—behind to join her parents as a member of Project Ark Ship. Amy and her parents believe they will wake on a new planet, Centauri-Earth, three hundred years in the future. But fifty years before Godspeed's scheduled landing, cryo chamber 42 is mysteriously unplugged, and Amy is violently woken from her frozen slumber.Someone tried to murder her.Now, Amy is caught inside an enclosed world where nothing makes sense. Godspeed's 2,312 passengers have forfeited all control to Eldest, a tyrannical and frightening leader. And Elder, Eldest's rebellious teenage heir, is both fascinated with Amy and eager to discover whether he has what it takes...
Publisher: 2011
Branch Call Number: Overdrive
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ISBN: 9781101486085


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checkered_roses Feb 01, 2018

I read this book several years ago after it first came out, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The rest of the trilogy is interesting, though I think this first book I prefer--it really creates this suspenseful curiosity of what is happening/what is go to happen. I think Revis does a great job with details and descriptions, considering this is a Sci-fi novel. 9/10 would recommend.

kelly_williams Jul 23, 2017

I just don't know whether I like this book or not.
On the one hand- strong writing, VERY strong character development, strong imagery, and (I assume) true science-and-math-based.
On the other, I spent most of the book confused, and at the final "AHA!" moment, I just felt like maybe it wasn't the best it could have been.
To say nothing of the fact that it did a great job reminding me of my EXTREME CLAUSTROPHOBIA
I've been told that it was written as a stand-alone, and the publishers wanted to make it a trilogy- looking back on it, I can definitely tell that it had a solid, one-book-only ending, so I'm a little leery of reading the rest of them.
Definitely better for older teens- a movie rating would call them "thematic elements", along with the language and sexual activities.

sarahbru17 Jul 03, 2017

Characters: 10/10
Plot: 10/10
Writing: 10/10
Wow. What a powerful book. I was pulled through it by the front of my shirt, and now I'm desperate for the sequel (even though I know it was originally meant as a standalone--how could it stand alone without the answers to some major plots?). But it also concludes so many plotlines beautifully. I saw some of the twists coming, but others were surprising. It integrated mystery beautifully into the science-fiction world. There were a lot of raw and emotional scenes in there, but it was enrapturing.
Warning: I recommend this book for readers 16+ because of sexual content.

Jun 06, 2017

Okay, this book. I don’t know, really. In some ways, I found it really intriguing – the set-up kind of reminds me of space-opera-meets-The-Giver, which is interesting, to say the least. But here’s the problem – the two main characters aren’t that interesting. And there’s a development in the last 10% of the book that made me super ragey that ruined a lot of the relationship that had developed between the two leads. (Seriously, it got me up on my feminist soapbox. Bad, bad choice, Beth Revis.) Buuuut – I feel like I say this frequently about YA books I’m a bit iffy on – this was soooo readable. And I’m going to read the sequels. I kind of feel like a sucker, and I’m kind of annoyed by this whole experience, but I’m still in for the whole trilogy. Sigh.

SaraLovesBooks Jun 05, 2017

The initial ideas in this book sound really intriguing. A teen girl wakes up from hyper-sleep on a generational ship to a strange mystery. But the execution of the novel was clunky. The world-building is badly paced throughout the novel. I didn't like the main characters at all. Amy ventured many times into Too Stupid to Live territory. The main mystery of the story was the only thing that made me keep reading the story until the end. I was incredibly frustrated by it, and couldn't wait for it to end. I don't recommend this book at all.

Jan 02, 2017

Not good, I ended up skipping to the end,
Boring and lazy.

I liked the first chapter.

That's all I liked in the entire book.

Aug 10, 2015

Interesting ideas and plot but definitely a juvenile novel. I picked it up as an ebook, which are not age rated, so I guess I need to pay more attention. The protagonist is a spoiled selfish brat. A book for young girls who KNOW they know it all by the time they are 13.

Jun 29, 2015

loved it sooo much- I have the next few on hold !

Jun 26, 2015

The plot idea was excellent and gave so much to work with. There was just something lacking though. The author succeeded in getting me interested in the world she has built, but I had a really hard time believing in the characters.

Jun 10, 2015

Across the Universe by BETH REVIS
Young-adult fiction, Science Fiction
‘Across the Universe’ is an enthralling read about a love out of time and will provide you with a thoroughly stimulating desire to continue throughout the universe with this book.
A seventeen year old girl ‘Amy’ is to leave her life that she loves, for a whole another world that’s 300 years away. Fifty years before she’s due to arrive, she is violently woken. She is trapped in a coffin imbedded in ice, as she was a victim of an attempted murder. Now Amy’s lost on the ship named ‘Godspeed’ and is out of place and nothing make sense and she never felt so alone. She can’t trust anybody, for the ship is sitting on secrets and lies, and who can you trust as there still a killer out there, and ‘Amy’ has nowhere to hide.
‘Yet someone is waiting for her’.
‘He wants to protect her-
and more if she’ll let him’.
My favorite quote from the novel is,
‘And I want to scream. I want to throw open my eyes and wake up and not be alone with myself anymore, but I can’t.
I can’t.’
I love this quote as it really speaks to me, as I think about all those stories of people in comas and I find myself thinking if they all feel like that. That they want to let people know something, but there can’t.
The author, Beth Revis, wrote ten novels before this one. It took Revis more than a decade and more than a thousand agent rejections before ‘Across the Universe’ was spent off to be published. Before Revis became a writer she worked as a teacher and often kills off former students in her novels at their request.
‘Across the Universe’ is a great book to let your imagination be set free on an amazing journey that will change you for life. This book is recommended for young adults and anybody who loves great adventure.
Books in the series:
- Across the Universe (2011)
- A Million Suns (2012)
- Shades of Earth (2013)
- The Body Electric (2014)

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sarahbru17 Jul 03, 2017

sarahbru17 thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and over

Aug 10, 2015

WomanOfMystery thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and under

RNSRL Jan 29, 2015

RNSRL thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over

white_nightingale_29 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 11 and 25

Oct 08, 2013

SophieNagyfej thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 11 and 14

Apr 29, 2013

BlueJellybean thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 13 and 99

rebeccakwong Mar 19, 2013

rebeccakwong thinks this title is suitable for 15 years and over

Jan 19, 2013

JennaSS thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and over

Aug 06, 2012

jcx16 thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over

100101_2827637 Jul 29, 2012

100101_2827637 thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over

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sarahbru17 Jul 23, 2017

Sexual Content: Near-rape scene. A lot of sex going on because of hormonal influences on the ship.

100101_2827637 Jul 29, 2012

Coarse Language: Common swear words, including a very creative 'future version' of the f-word created by the author.

100101_2827637 Jul 29, 2012

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Peril throughout the book, elderly are euthanized like animals, and population treated like simpletons, even though they are. In addition, the book's plot revolves around a string of murders and a character is almost raped.

100101_2827637 Jul 29, 2012

Sexual Content: Graphic scene where a character is almost raped (gets away just, literally, seconds before) and due to hormones in water people mate in the streets like animals. Not for children.

Apr 02, 2012

Other: a little graphic


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mvkramer Sep 27, 2013

Amy has been cryogenically frozen for centuries with her family as they make the long voyage to colonize a new planet. Elder is the young leader-in-training on the generation ship that has housed Amy, her family and the rest of the colonists for 250 years. The ship is more than a vessel - it's a whole society of people, kept peaceful and productive under the absolute rule of Eldest. But then someone wakes Amy up 50 years too early. Her presence alone is enough to destabilize the carefully balanced society Eldest cultivates, but there's more -- the same person who woke her is killing more of the cryogenically frozen colonists. Who is this unknown murderer and why would they jeopardize the ship's 300-year mission? Well, maybe you'll be able to find out, dear reader, because I could not finish this boring hunk of drivel.

Jun 24, 2011

Amy was born on Earth, sometime in the not-so-distant-future. The world is on the verge of an economic collapse and a ship christened Godspeed has been sent across the universe to a planet names Centauri-Earth in the hopes that people will be able to colonize this planet. The voyage is supposed to take 300 years and so a group of scientists and military personnel are frozen before the voyage begins. These people will be awakened when the ship reaches its destination and will colonize it. Amy's parents were chosen to be frozen and sent on this journey. Amy goes with them as one of the few nonessential passengers stowed in the cargo bay for 300 years.

But she is woken up abruptly, 50 years before she is supposed to. The ship is now ruled by Eldest, a cruel but efficient dictator who controls those aboard the ship by lying to and sedating them. She becomes friends with Eldest's teenage son and heir, Elder, and the two try to figure out who woke her up, and why. ---See my full review here:


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