Netherland By O'Neill, Joseph, 1964- Large Print - 2008 | Large print ed

Totes agree with the below comment, the book's conventionally good, but crazy boring. The title's, like, clever the main character is Dutch but he lives in London, but then he lives in NYC. It doesn't make much sense. This book won the Pen/Faulkner, has blurbs from everyone from Jonathan Safron Foer (JSF!) to James Wood to Michiko Kakutani, and has been compared to "The Great Gatsby." So maybe my expectations were too high. Still, this book is just not good. The characters don't make any sense, the narrative is all over the place, and O'Neill never settles on a tone. Also, there is so much cricket in it, which is literally the most boring sport ever. There are plenty of other NYC books out there that are far better.

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