Deadwater Fell
Deadwater Fell [Season 1] DVD - 2020 | Widescreen version

Suspense-free couples-klatch murder plot with cute kids throughout. Caution: 3 kids burn to death. They don't show you the deaths, but the bodies are bagged and brought out from the scene.
Lots of swearing and screaming. Couples fighting. Woman who can't conceive not as bothered by it as you might think. Affairs. Blah, blah, blah. Tedious. Tried to force myself to get through the 4th episode. Just didn't care. Also, easy to get confused from one scene to another as to who's who on secondary characters.
I did like what's-his-name's acting- the Dr. Who guy. But the script just doesn't go anywhere.

MRaven81's rating:
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