1917 DVD - 2020 | Widescreen version

1917(2019) is a War/Drama film directed by Sam Mendes, starring George McKay and Dean-Charles Chapman. The movie takes place in April of 1917, nearing the end of WWI. In the beginning we see two British soldiers, Lance Cpl. Schofield and Lance Cpl. Blake, resting beside a tree when they are called in to deliver a message to call off an attack that could kill 1600 fellow soldiers, Blake’s brother being one of them. Without dying, they must hastily cross enemy territory to deliver this letter. Along the way, they stop for a couple of minutes when they see water. While they are drinking, a German biplane crashes next to them. They get up to save the pilot but he ends up stabbing Blake, and he dies shortly after. Schofield continues the journey alone, and he arrives at the scene of an upcoming attack on the Germans by the British, but he gives the letter right before Colonel Mackenzie could officially order the attack. This is one of my favorite movies of all time for 3 reasons. One, this movie is very different from other War films. Two, almost every single scene of this film is suspenseful, from, the time they almost died from the trap in the bunker, to the ending. And third, the cinematography. The whole movie was filmed to look like it was one continuous shot, but in reality it wasn’t. Still amazing.

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