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Sep 10, 2020
1899 in the heart of New York's Syrian and Jewish immigrant communities both a Golem and a Jinni find themselves unexpectedly set free and vulnerable in a hostile environment. For the Golem, a creature designed to be controlled by a master, this freedom is a frightening prospect, a mysterious existence where she must fight her innate desire to serve every need in order to hide her true abilities. For the Jinni, he is set free from a bottle where he has been imprisoned for a thousand years, yet the iron band around his wrist hampers his actual freedom and traps him in a human form with some but not all of his powers. He finds himself an ocean away from the desert home he longs to return to. These two form an unlikely friendship based on their unique situations as outsiders in a strange land. Add in an evil wizard who is hunting for them both and this fast paced, unusual and magical tale is a real winner. The audio version is narrated by George Guidall, who does his usual masterful job of storytelling. -- Beth B., Minneapolis Central Library